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Solar Energy Flower Configuration
Solar Energy Charger
Solar Energy Flower Configuration
Solar Energy Cost reduction chart
Solar Energy power panel

Welcome to Context Solar

Unbiased Solar Energy Information & Insights

We truly believe in the game-changing nature of solar energy. Our intention with this site is to help as many people as possible to gain insights that enable us all to make the most of solar energy, in our homes, our places of work and our communities.

Renewable Energy 101

In this section, we provide the context and overview for solar energy around the world, and how powerfully solar energy compares to other forms of renewable energy.

This is a bit like getting the inside track on a subject before diving into the full course. (If you’ve ever been able to do that, you’ll know how handy it is. If not, suffice it to say this section will save you time by enabling you to quickly get your bearings or confirm what you already know about the basics of renewable and solar energy.)

Just as a coat of primer paint provides an essential protective undercoat before painting a house or other valuable structure, this section is also your primer, to get you off to a great start by helping you protect your decisions about any solar energy system you may be considering.


Just for starters, this section includes articles that:

  • Provide a quick recap of solar energy and its place in the world (it’s growing a lot faster than most people realize, and has now truly come of age, financially as well as technically)
  • Chart the rapid growth of solar energy job creation (this is exciting news, particularly in times of economic uncertainty and off-shoring of so many jobs)
  • Crystalize the essential thinking necessary to get the best deal on solar panels and get the best return on investment in a solar power system (we share some critical distinctions that go well beyond simple price comparisons – thinking strategically will get you the best long-term results, and we share what really matters to get it right with your solar power system)

Once you have these foundations in place, the next most natural place to visit will be our Core Technology section.

Solar Core Technology

This is where we walk through the essential ‘moving parts’ that make up solar power systems. However, in keeping with all the content on this site, you won’t find highly technical articles here; we leave those to the technical trade journals. Our site is for people who buy and use solar energy, so we focus on simplifying and clarifying the technology.

Therefore, the articles in this section provides clear English explanations of each core component of solar systems. We do this because understanding what goes into these systems (at a very simple level) enables you to be in the driver’s seat, making well-informed decisions when planning or purchasing solar energy systems, or even when having questions about your current system.

Ever wondered how solar cells actually do what they do (without having to have a degree in Electrical Engineering)? We tell you, simply. Or what an inverter is and why they are needed in solar power systems? It’s very straightforward, and we keep it that way in our explanation. Confused about all that talk about photovoltaic and PV? No problem; we demystify the essentials.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find inside:

  • The advantages and limitations of solar cells and solar panels (don’t worry, solar is still the way to go, but we believe in telling both sides of the story)
  • The minimum and typical site requirements for solar systems (so you can plan properly and make the optimum choices in your system, setting yourself up for long-term happiness)
  • The key things to consider when comparing solar panel price (in any industry, it is essential to know what the true commercial drivers are and how they affect you as a buyer, so you can avoid getting diverted by what some may want you to focus on, instead of taking a broader perspective that will best serve your long-term interests)

Solar Power Applications

Solar power is produced and delivered in an increasingly wide variety of settings, for all kinds of uses, in homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and universities, public spaces and of course, for generating electricity on a utility scale to supply our public power grids.

No other form of energy production, traditional or renewable, can compete with solar power when it comes to the sheer range of these applications (which continues to grow steadily).

In this section, we show how these applications are delivering significant levels of clean, sustainable solar energy right now, solving problems and making life richer and more enjoyable worldwide.

Here’s a taste of what we share in this section:

  • How solar water heaters work (if more people knew about these, they might be able to rest easy about some people in the house taking long showers!)
  • How solar batteries can dramatically boost the benefits of your system (they have even enabled the Los Angeles area to recover from a potentially catastrophic energy shortage due to a huge natural gas leakage)
  • The almost other-world nature of concentrated solar power (if aliens wanted to build solar power plants, this might be how they’d go about it)

Solar Power Leading Edge

From its inception, solar power has been led by stunning innovation. From the early days of space exploration right through to the present and into the foreseeable future, the boundaries continue to be pushed and redefined.

This part of the Context Solar site is where we share what the trend setters are doing to open up even more great ways to produce and tap into solar energy.


Examples include:

  • The Fortune 500 businesses that are embracing solar energy in a huge way (you may well be pleasantly surprised to find out who is going green, and who isn’t yet on the list)
  • Buildings with solar energy generating capability woven into the very fabric of the façade (yes, this goes well beyond sticking a bunch of obvious solar panels onto a roof)
  • How you can go green while you enjoy your favorite pint or glass of wine with friends (solar energy is becoming so much more accessible than ever before, providing convenience, safety and even helping bring people together socially)

One Last Thing…

Our aim here at Context Solar is to provide discerning solar energy users with the unbiased information and insights you need in order to make well-informed choices that enable you to get the most from clean, renewable solar energy. If you have further questions or requests for how we can serve you better, we welcome your suggestions.


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